Fox Hunting with Rose Tree Hunt Club is an experience you will not forget. The members are fun and friendly and welcome everyone to come and hunt with us. We are like one big happy family!


Come join us sometime! - Rose Tree Hunt Club





Opening Meet 2014 - photos by Joan Stroman
Michael J. Shupp Hunt Staff
Justin Shupp Whipper-In
Terrence Raven Bud Thomas Drew Stoken Edward Franco Field Master
Bill Swanson Wheel Whip
Pat McVaugh Steve Long Marshall Horan Colby Phillips Hound Vet
Jane Long Officers
Thomas Green field secretary Judy Twining secretary
Roxann Shupp treasurer Graphic Designer
Ashley Shupp Historian
Ginny Gibble Event Planners
Betsy Swanson
Jenna Shupp
Jacy Frey Photographer(s)
Lori Swanson
Joan Stroman

The oldest subscription fox hunting club in America | Since 1859

Rose Tree Fox Hunting Club [492 Owad Road | Airville | PA 17302]