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Brief History of the Rose Tree Foxhunting Club

Foxhunting goes back to prehistoric man the medieval hunting of wild game
for the sport of which it evolved. The English colonist brought the sport to
the new world. After the Civil War, great growth took place in the north
with many clubs starting Rose Tree Hunt in Media, PA, established in “1859”
was one of then. Rose Tree Hunt is the oldest subscription hunt in America
on record, hunted in Del. County around Media, PA from 1859 until 1960, when it was moved to York County with Jt Masters John Richard and William Elliot. Joseph T. Murtagh was Master and Huntsman from 1988 to 2006. In April 2006 Michael Shupp became the new master and Justin Shupp the new huntsman of Rose Tree Hunt. They are all looking forward to keeping the traditions of Rose Tree Hunt and a bright future.

Description of Rose Tree Hunt Country

The country lays in southeastern York County, PA. The country consists of
large open fields that are used for corn, soy beans, and small grains. The
large corn fields make great cover for the fox during our cubbing season for
open gallops in the winter. The fields connect many large hilly wooded
covers that echo the great voice of the Penn-Marydel’s. The country at the
game lands is like non other. Very large rocky hills that seem almost like
mountains. With great ravines, streams, rocky cliffs and views like no other
looking over the Susquehanna Rover. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

Fox Hunting with Rose Tree Hunt Club is an experience you will not forget. The members are fun and friendly and welcome everyone to come and hunt with us. We are like one big happy family!